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Tell the readers a story! Because without a story, you are merely using words to prove you can string them together in logical sentences.
– Anne McCaffrey



“Good writing is supposed to evoke sensation in the reader; not the fact that it is raining but the feeling of being rained upon” E.L Doctorow

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Hi Guys;

I’ve been a career journalist, writer, photographer, traveller and tutor for over 25 years.  I started in a small creative studio in South Melbourne as a copywriter and photographer working on a diverse range of brands. A few iconic and easily identifiable;  most just trying to get noticed. Some have come and gone, many met the challenges and successfully diversified and thankfully remain to this very day.  I’ve worked across corporate communications, mid to large creative agencies, government sectors  and Higher Education. I’ve been a staff writer and photographer for  magazine publications in Atlanta; United States, spent many years working on publications and documentaries on the Sub Continent. I’ve had the pleasure of working on brands such as Canon Australia, Canon Academy, Disney, Mazda, Department of Foreign Affairs, ATP travel group and a range of Australian and International companies.   I’ve been published, exhibited, exploited and robbed at gun point. I’ve been through the days of darkrooms and typesetting to the avalanche of the digital age. I’ve had the unique fortune to work with and for the most creative of  human beings; some originating from the most hostile of human environments to the more privileged of surroundings. I’ve learnt the art of humanity and citizenship from these people and through these experiences the solitary element that has stayed true is the art and ingenuity of storytelling. Technology has advanced the delivery, accessibility and speed of the story and put the gift in the hands of all.  I’ve seen this as a delightful evolution, yet technology cannot replace the instinctive, technical understanding of light and moment, present in the eye of a photographer or the inherent wizardry of the writer to conjure a place where words become experiences within one’s own imagination. This belongs to the artisan.

I am now settled on the Mornington Peninsula, continuing my association with the creative centre, building the omphnews platform and engaging with the local community.  I am looking to establish my work here on the peninsula;   I can assist you with real estate copy, customer communication strategy, blog and website content and any other related copy or photography requirements. I’m in the unique position where I can draw on and collaborate with the highly qualified and experienced team at the creative centre to bring innovative and interesting point of differences to your business.
Feel free to call me directly on 0484 146 203 I welcome the opportunity to discuss your copy, advertising and content needs. Below are a few examples of my work.




Travel write destination: Havana – Cuba 

Today the sun is on my face warming me from top to toes; a deck chair and towel shields my back from the golden sand which softly reads poetry to my toes massaging me away from reality. The book I have always wanted to finish sits by my side.  A cool drink with the sweet aroma of spiced rum and a hint of lime delivered with a heart-warming smile; just because it might or should be time. I see the reasons I need to be here reflected in the crystal blue waters of the ocean floating away on the meandering tide.

Today I will day dream in whitewashed pastel colour and tonight I might party with locals, or experience the exquisite plaza in a pair of my best shoes. Who knows and here, in this mystical time capsule, your heart rules your head. Perhaps romance is around the corner, perhaps the hustle, music, flavours and movement of the streets at night will grab me, the lane ways, the buildings lit with tungsten warmth or perhaps I might just love what I have right now.  The beauty is the choice, the freedom to do what I feel when I feel and move in slow motion while everything around me speeds up.  I can see, touch and taste the breath of this place, whilst existing in my own time, my own space, secretly becoming locked in my imagination.

I will wait and see, no need to rush, no need to worry, the city has an intoxicating smell that guides you without effort.  You can let go and trust the earth’s rotation, everything and everybody wants to say hello and I wish to say hello back.



14 The Cups Drive Cape Schanck

Marketed by Kay & Burton Real Estate

5 Bedrooms
3 Bathrooms

Seldom in the career of a real estate agent do they get the opportunity to market property that resembles a hallucination.

I’ve been watching this property for some time and seeing it finally sell on September 9th was a blessing, as prestige like this doesn’t fall out of sky like the flying golf balls that I’m sure I’ve snap hooked into the pool from the 14th fairway.  Well not really that would take a massive hit but one doesn’t want to spoil a good story with the truth.  I’ll let you in on a little secret.  As I’ve scrolled through the photos, I’ve daydreamed about myself and my family lolling around the pool, cooking up a storm in the kitchen, opening the front door to friends who just wet their pants with each visit.  This is a home of imagination where a split between reality and dreamtime doesn’t relate.  Can you just image yourself here, gazing through those magnificent walls of glass over the undulating fairways out to Bass Strait, whilst sipping a 30-year scotch from the Isle of Islay; well if you can’t then move on because you; my friend; are boring.

I remember the land being up for sale in 2015 so in just 2 years the architects and builders have designed and constructed this adobe of beauty. Sotheby’s worked hard earlier in the year to find a suitable buyer without success; and thankfully the team at Kay & Burton put their hands into the networks bag of tricks and found a new suitor.

This home must be in the hands of those who love good times, love the environment, love to entertain and love to see others relax, unwind and feel connected to themselves and their people.  This is not a play thing, left in the rain and patched up later.  A home of this standard requires trust and care that only come from a somebody trustworthy and caring. Congratulations to the new owners; I’m confident you’ll enjoy that 30 year old scotch.



12 Bilgola Court Mount Eliza
$1.950,000 – $2,100,000
Open this Saturday Between 2:00PM – 2:30PM
Marketed by: Lupton Ferguson Real Estate 

I had the privilege of visiting this home just prior to it hitting the market.  When you’re new to the area; Mount Eliza can be a little confusing.  Estates, beachside V non-beachside; this communicates which side of the Nepean Highway you reside; and connecting roads and thoroughfares that guide you around this magical location.  Bilgola Court is located off Tower Road.  Tower Road is a main; but not the most widely used, connecting road from Nepean Highway up through the Quinns Estate to the Woodlands Estate and the homes situated with views of the Moorooduc Plains.  Tower Road has about 6 little off shoots such as Bilgola Court home to some of the more palatial properties on the non-beachside locale of Mount Eliza.

This property is beautiful.  It has the unique feeling of overwhelming space yet its design is compact and functional.  The higher ceilings and walls of glass provide wide apertures to the landscape surrounding the home and beyond where the gentle wisp of low hanging bleached cloud melds with the distant scenery and it’s difficult to orientate which way is up or if indeed your looking at water on the horizon. On a cloudless day, you sit and wonder if a higher being actually exist putting on a theatrical performance of primary colours and movement at every observation point; and in this home, there is plenty to choose from.

The feeling of space united with functionality continues outside. The professional attention to plantings, pathways, steps, a divine little bridge over the natural occurring stream and the magical use of native plants and trees is a journey of its own.  The garden centres around the impressive inground pool and feels like a resort rather than a home; where you’re the only guest and everything is catered for.  A home that will endure; a home that will suite many a family and one I wish I could afford.


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