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Wendy Cooper Nature Photography

Damsel Fly Small

Wendy Cooper is a Canberra based photography student of the Creative Centre, recently graduating with her Diploma of Applied Photography.  Wendy works full time in a demanding role in our Nation’s Capital and taking on outside study commitments are never easy when we’re all time poor.  It is a real credit to Wendy to complete her program and produce outstanding images in her chosen field.

Green Frog 6


Wendy has a passion for nature photography and throughout her course she submitted fine examples of her craft that illustrated her commitment to the environment and all creatures great and small.


Lady Beetle


Working with a Canon 600D fitted with a 100MM Macro lens, Wendy spent many hours setting up close up images reveling in the detail and personality of her subjects.


Lichen on post


Plant life was just as important to Wendy as the little creatures she found living within the various eco systems she explored.

Congratulations Wendy and thanks for being a part of our program.

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