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Safety Beach has undergone a renaissance in recent years, a once sleepy hollow; now a vibrant and expanding population.  It’s outstanding beach location, proximity to Mt Martha and Mornington, bus routes, new marina, housing development and an upsurge in townhouse builds has seen a new generation flock to the town and it call it home. Access to peninsula link has significantly cut travel times and commuting from Safety Beach is no longer a big deal.

The median house price has almost doubled in the past few years to $765K. Traditional beach shacks on sub dividable land are selling for over $1M.  Beachfront property is out of reach for most. 

The boat ramp, yacht club and small set of shops, home to one of the best provedores on the peninsula makes the locale a haven for visitors and locals alike. When you need to travel for work but are looking for an affordable beachside lifestyle with high capital growth; Safety Beach is hard to ignore.


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