Image 3: Female Portrait – Creative Fashion

This is Alek – a Sudanese 18-year-old who believe it or not generally lacks confidence until you put her in front of a camera. Feeling uncertain about a fashion type shot, I asked her as I knew she would enjoy it and she went to a lot of trouble in preparing herself dress and make-up wise. She is a stunning girl, yet ever so humble.

For this shoot, we went in around the National Gallery in Canberra and got a series of shots I am really happy with. However when it came to deciding on the one to submit, I have gone for one that could be on a set of stairs anywhere. I like the simplicity of it and the contrast of the concrete against her skin colour and the detail of her dress. Composition wise, it is not the most lady-like pose (!) however it worked with the design of the dress and Alek adapted to my directions well in attempting to lengthen her limbs to add to the fashion element. I was conscious of her hand placement and asked her to lean her chin on the top of her hand to add a more graceful look.

I used a manual exposure of 1/80 at f5.6. ISO 500 and focal length of 45mm with my Canon 60D. Speedlite 430EX III in TTL mode was used to enhance the portrait with a bounce flash off the surrounding concrete above the subject.

In improving the image, I cropped it ever so slightly and increased the exposure (+0.4). I wanted a grungier surround in this with a more luminous model so I increased the clarity (which also brought out the detail of the lace) and sharpened it. To soften the model I increased luminance. I used a brush to add further clarity around her and cloned some spots to remove some imperfections on the skin on her legs.

While this image was the one I was most nervous about for this lesson, this shoot was the most enjoyable!

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