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Another strong weekend of auction results saw 26 from 37 sell on the hammer or shortly after. 8 passed in and 3 no result at this stage.  Most sold within the quoted EPR; 31 Thames Street Frankston Sth exceeded expectations selling for $1.315M – $200K above reserve.  2 properties fell short of reserve but still sold.  We managed to get four auctions over the weekend each with its own story.

mt eliza2
122 Baden Powell Drive Mount Eliza Sold $1.201M
After a much heartburn, Belinda Cook and Bill Joyce of Hocking Stuart Mount Eliza had the opportunity to auction 122 Baden Powell Drive Mount Eliza.  If you’ve been following this property you’d have noticed that the auction had been postponed 4 times prior to Saturday.  This was all due to the height of a pool fence.  Covering real estate, I’ve never seen this occur and the blowback from interested buyers must have caused many a sleepless night.  Hocking Stuart pulled out all the stops on Saturday ensuring the home got the royal auction treatment. No less than 9 agents representing the brand were on site including the peninsula director Mr. Brett Trebilcock; it was an impressive show of solidarity. The team rolled out a veteran of auctioneering in Mr. Michael Hall.  A small elderly gent, reminded me of the Gringotts head of the bank of wizardery in the Harry Potter novels, bow tie, suave grey suit with a voice for radio. Watching this man perform was worth the price of admission, he’s a master, extracting bids at will, whilst continually promoting the property, its location and comparing the sale of other properties, without drawing breath.  Auctioneers half his age would need to stop and suck in a few big ones; but this guy just kept going, fast, entertaining and did not miss a beat.  It took 12 rises from an opening of $990K before Michael announced the home on the market at $1.160M, the exhaling breath from the 9 agents sent a breeze of warm relief and a quick glance at Belinda gave away just how calmed she was. Another 13 bids, the last few in $1K increments, and the hammer fell at $1,201,000. After a lengthy and arduous campaign a healthy result for all.

mt eliza1
245 Canadian Bay Mount Eliza Passed In
A smallish crowd turned out under a blazing and humid sun on Saturday morning and the experienced and smooth baritones of McEwing&Partner auctioneer Dean Phillips could not extract a bid for this 5 bedda on the corner of Canadian Bay and Walkers Road in Mount Eliza.  The land size is considerable at 2536sqm approx. and the property has a great deal of potential in the right hands.  It needs somebody with vision and the skill sets to set it up.  Priced accurately at $1.1M – $1.2M it should sell within the next few weeks.

50 Lower Somerville Road Somerville Sold $1.92M
I looked forward to this one and the sting had gone out of the day as it went to auction.  It was great to see a female auctioneer for a change and Lynn Bennett of O’Brien Real Estate put on a very well rehearsed display.  Despite her best efforts coaxing the crowd and referencing Phar Lap and Winx  just one bid of $1.75M was received and the home was passed in; later selling for $1.92M well short of the EPR. If you’re a horsey person the infrastructure is pretty good, the arena is well thoughtout however the home itself lacks soul.  The asking price of $2.1M – $2.3M was always going to be a stretch and the eventual selling price seemed a lucky get in the end.

Balnarring 1
257 Myers Road Balnarring Sold $1.910M
Sunday was a little chilly but I do love the drive through the hinterland to visit property. OLink Property; a new partnership brand formed by ex RT Edgar Sales Agent Lisa Fraser-Smith and interior decorator Gabe Frampton, describe themselves as the “tinder” of realestate; set this property for auction with mixed results.  The day had a good vibe to it; good numbers, around 40, plenty of Land Rovers, BMW SUV’s and Volvo’s parked in the grounds.  Held outside with the auctioneer miked to a speaker he needed to start with a vendor bid $1.85M, before a young gent with wife and daughter offered $1.86M; nothing further.  Very close to passing the property in, a lady and her friend appeared at my side as if walking past and popping in to see what all the fuss was about.  As he called third and final call; the gentleman said “If your interested now’s the time or that guy has the right to discuss” “Oh really okay hang on, what’s the price now?” $1.86 okay $1.87″ she yelled.  So obtuse the auctioneer had to look twice; Okay we’re back on $1.87M bid is with the lady.  Up it went in $1K rises to $1.910M before he needed to refer.  Advertised at $2.1M – $2.3M her gentleman friend advised that if she has the last bid she might be able to offer $2M and get a deal done.  “That would be grand” she said.  The auctioneer returned and to everyones surprise, especially madam with the holding bid; he declared the home on the market.  No more bids and after a few minutes it was knocked down to her at $1.910M; saved herself $90K nice one.

The peninsula has added a further 45 new properties since last week to 1253 approx.  Auction number are  high at 38; before a lull for the long weekend.  If you’re in the market for a peninsula home this weekend is a good one to explore.  Enjoy.

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