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Coming of a short run; the sheik of tweak, well maybe not a sheik but somewhat chic; auctioneer Jason Absolom of O’Brien Real Estate sends down a fizzing off break during his auction of 76 Highbury Road in Rye. 



Michael Mangan; Bennetts Real Estate; fielding at short cover appeals for LBW.


Umpire Darren Dowel; Aquire Real Estate in Frankston; moonlighting from his role auctioning off 37 Summit Street Frankston calls a NO BALL NOT OUT;


The sheik, not happy with the decision; lets the batter know the next one will be coming straight at his head.

Despite the no ball call and the odd gee up from his fellow O’Brien Real Estate colleagues; Jason successfully sold 76 Highbury Road in Rye for $975,000 surpassing the the EPR $820K – $900K for his vendors. 

Only 19 peninsula auctions at the weekend with par results across the district.

10 Selling at auction 
7 Passed In on Vendor Bids 
1 Postponed on the day 
1 Simply disappeared AGAIN

122 Baden Powell Drive in Mount Eliza has been scheduled for auction 3 times since the latter part of 2017, scheduled again during the week only to be pulled on Saturday. Very weird, not sure if it’s  a lack of interest or a case of the lunatics running the asylum. I did contact Belinda Jones from Hocking Stuart Mount Eliza, but she is currently on annual leave.   1267 Nepean Highway Mount Eliza was postponed on the day.

Of the 10 properties that sold; 4 were within the EPR quoted in the “Statement of Information”, 6 successfully exceeding the EPR; illustrating that going to auction is a worthwhile selling option.



366 Esplanade Mount Martha EPR $1.85M – $2.035M
Sold at Auction $2.22M

After a lengthy campaign Rob Curtain from Sotheby’s International took the property to auction on Sunday afternoon.  He couldn’t have scripted better weather, sun, warmth and clear skies showcased the 180degree elevated views across the bay.  A good crowd of around 20 turned up; the property sits on a considerable piece of dirt in excess of 1500sqm; home to a 1950’s 3-bedroom beach shack with open fireplace, driveway and stunning views. Council would look favorably on a sub division on this site; alternatively the option to renovate or knock down and build would all bear fruit.

The auction started slowly with an opening bid of $1.6M, increasing in $20K and $10K rises before Rob referred the bid at $1.8M.  Returning and announcing he was close to a selling figure, a new bidder entered;  4 bids and the property hit $1.9M and was on the market.  2 parties slugged it out; one a buyers advocate on the phone with his Sydney based client; the other a couple standing right next him hearing the phone conversation unfold. The bidding accelerated reaching $2.22M before the advocate announced his client was out, the hammer falling to a very happy couple.
An excellent result for both buyer and vendor.  In real estate what seems expensive today; is always cheap tomorrow.




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