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Today the sun is on my face warming me from top to toes; a deck chair and towel shields my back from the golden sands, softly reading poetry, massaging me away from reality. The book I have always wanted to finish sits by my side. A cool drink with the sweet aroma of spiced rum and a hint of lime delivered with a heart-warming smile; just because it might or should be time. I see the reasons I need to be here reflected in the crystal blue waters of the ocean floating away on the meandering tide.

Today I will day dream in whitewashed pastel colour and tonight I might party with locals, or experience the exquisite plaza in a pair of my best shoes. Who knows and here, in this mystical time capsule, your heart rules your head. Perhaps romance is around the corner, perhaps the hustle, music, flavours and movement of the streets at night will grab me, the lane ways, the buildings lit with tungsten warmth or perhaps I might just love what I have right now. The beauty is the choice, the freedom to do what I feel when I feel and move in slow motion while everything around me speeds up. I can see, touch and taste the breath of this place, whilst existing in my own time, my own space, secretly becoming locked in my imagination.

I will wait and see, no need to rush, no need to worry, the city has an intoxicating smell that guides you without effort. You can let go and trust the earth’s rotation, everything and everybody wants to say hello and I wish to say hello back.

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