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With over 20 years photography education experience our course has stood the test of time. Chosen by Canon Australia to establish the Canon Academy our program has successfully trained over 5000 students since 2010. Enrol today or give our office a call to discuss your study options.




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Enrolments Close January 24th 2018

Enrolments open
Course Duration 110 weeks
Maximum 10 Places
Suitable for beginner to intermediate photographers wanting to engage with a comprehensive professional based program.
Book online or over the phone 1300 64 66 44 

Payment Plan Available $1 secures your spot
$21.50pw over 110 weeks total payment $2365.00
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Louise Pearce
Course – Diploma

I thoroughly appreciate how much assistance is offered when needed and nothing is ever too much trouble.

I find the critique at the end of each assignment most helpful and not at all detrimental or patronising and the comments go a long way towards assisting with any areas I may need to review or be mindful of.

The relaxed yet supportive way in which the course is delivered, the creative freedom within each assignment to be able to think for yourself in how to achieve a unique and individual outcome and approach rather than strict criteria (eg freedom to use the lesson content to the best of your ability to create an image rather than just taking a specific photo because it’s requested- a lot of the fundamentals can be left out that way in my opinion), the tutors actually have photographic backgrounds and want to share their knowledge rather than treating their role as just a job and teaching to a curriculum without any experience behind them to support their methods.

Q. What would you like to see changed or improved Louise. A. “If it ain’t broke don’t fix it’” :-)

Sandra Ruddock
Course – Diploma

Everyone has been incredibly helpful and gives prompt responses. Your Customer service is excellent.

Greg is fantastic and provides detailed feedback which I find invaluable in my development as a photographer.

The content is detailed and comprehensive.

An e-course gives flexibility in time frames but I try to complete the assignment as soon as possible because I want to work on the techniques. I have been challenged by some of the images that are required, which is good, so that my confidence is growing. I am creating images that I never thought I would undertake.

I enjoyed getting out of my comfort zone by being asked to create images with new techniques, such as off-camera flash and multiple images – fascinating!

Emmet Mc Mullen
Course – Diploma

I found Tim to be excellent. He is obviously very knowledgeable and was very aware of our level of understanding.

Rowan Murphy
Course – Diploma

Greg was fantastic. Every piece of feedback I received was entirely constructive and I found it easy to make sense of. I didn’t feel as if what I had done was sub-par or anything. Such a fantastic sense of encouragement was given and I eagerly looked forward to each time I received assignment feedback.

My expectations were entirely exceeded. I had a great time doing this course and would highly recommend it to other people. I work for JB Hi-Fi and have been telling all my camera customers that are new to DLSR photography about this course which I have been undertaking!

The knowledge that was passed on to me, I actually feel like I have some idea of how to operate my camera! The feedback was invaluable and very constructive and the assignments were incredibly relevant and fun to do.

Q. What would you like to see changed or improved. A. Nothing. Absolutely amazing course. Was such a pleasure to be a part of. Thank you.

Belinda Collins
Course Diploma

The Creative Centre E-Learning  has been very informative and enjoyable. The course materials are clear and easy to understand, and the assignments are well constructed to both demonstrate the theoretical material and to build camera skills in a very practical way.

It is always a pleasure to get the feedback on the assignments.  It has been prompt, and well balanced.  It includes balanced critique of the images, technical information, and encouragement very well.

Thanks to Greg and the team at The Creative Centre.

Joel Usher
Course Diploma

Loving the course, really understanding how to use my camera and all its features, tutor is really passionate.

Nicole Calabrese 
Course – Diploma

My journey with The Photographers Centre  started with me as a complete beginner, not even knowing how to use my DSLR camera on the automatic settings.  I started with the first module, then I was hooked!

Once I had started to gain an understanding of how the camera worked I could then start to take the photographs that I could ‘see’.  This has unleashed a passion for photography that I never knew existed.

I have continued with my learning with The Photographers Centre and am now in the final stages of completing the Portraiture course.  The enthusiasm, professionalism, and mode of learning through constructive critique of my images from different tutors, has not only fuelled this passion but also helped me learn how to consistently take better images.

I am now learning, through The Photographers Centre, to have confidence in my work and have started a small family portrait business with a studio set up in my backyard.  I really love taking photo’s, especially when I can showcase the love within a family.  I give all the credit to where I am today to the learning done through The Photographers Centre and can highly recommend their module of teaching to others.  It is an environment that fosters creativity, passion and, most of all, the importance of continually learning.  I am now at the point where I can usually self-critique my own images and I learn from each shoot I do.
Nicole Calabrese.

Tatiana Wood
Course – Diploma 

I would like to take a chance and thank you for a thoughtful and effective program and feedbacks. I do really feel how much I’ve learnt with your help. I could not turn on my camera three month ago and now I take pictures, knowing camera and lighting. I am looking forward to continuing with your program further.

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