21 from 32 properties successfully sold at auction; 11 passed in on the day with 4 of those 11 close to selling and we should see a big SOLD sticker on their respective boards by the end of the week. Figures show most sold within the EPR; with no real standouts to report.  Slightly reduced numbers this weekend; 26 up for grabs, but what the weekend lacks in number it makes up for in quality.  There are a couple of big ticket items up for auction; including 2914 Frankston Flinders Road Balnarring, a stunning landholding just over 40acres.  Marketed by Kay&Burton the auction is on site at 11:00AM on Sunday morning. EPR $3.3M – $3.6M

If the beach is more your scene then RT Edgar are auctioning 19A Sprindrift Avenue in Flinders at 1:00PM on Sunday afternoon.  If your interested you’ll need to set aside between $4.2M – $4.6M.  Really looking forward to both of these events.

You can see the full lists and out top picks by clicking here

22 Glenvale Road Flinders
22 Glenvale Road Flinders SOLD
2 Parwan Court Frankston
2 Parwan Court Frankston Sold $595K
6/5-7 Muir Street Frankston
6/5-7 Muir Street Frankston SOLD $486,500
27 Foot Street Frankston
27 Foot Street Frankston PASSED IN
4 Teri Street Frankston
4 Teri Street Frankston Sold $623,500
5 Victoria Parade Frankston
5 Victoria Parade Frankston Sold
13 Royle Street Frankston
13 Royle Street Frankston Sold $654,000
3/5 Sheridan Avenue Frankston
3/5 Sheridan Avenue Frankston Sold $453,000
2/24 Cliff Road Frankston
2/24 Cliff Road Frankston Passed In VB $1.65M
4 Neil Street Frankston South
4 Neil Street Frankston South Sold $980K
12 Wakefield Avenue Frankston South
12 Wakefield Avenue Frankston South Passed IN
3 McCallum Street Hastings
3 McCallum Street Hastings Sold $570K
12 Cranhaven Road Langwarrin
12 Cranhaven Road Langwarrin Passed In
26 Hillman Avenue McCrea
26 Hillman Avenue McCrea Passed In
25 Gilga Street Mornington
25 Gilga Street Mornington Sold $506K
24 Katherine Court Mornington
24 Katherine Court Mornington Passed In
BB17 Mills Beach Mornington
BB17 Mills Beach Mornington Passed In
2 Peterson Street Rosebud
2 Peterson Street RosebudPassed In
5 Clovelly Avenue Rosebud
5 Clovelly Avenue Rosebud Passed In
13 Deighton Drive Rosebud
13 Deighton Drive Rosebud SOLD $627K
16 Lockhart Drive Rosebud
16 Lockhart Drive Rosebud Under Contract
47 Lolanda Street Rye
47 Lolanda Street Rye Sold $773K
2 Burdoo Street Rye
2 Burdoo Street Rye SOLD


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