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36 Merricks Creek

Brimsmore Cottage 36 Merricks Road Merricks

The affectionate 70 year old Oak extends her protective branches framing the elegant tones of Brimsmore Cottage. The home, quaint and unpretentious rests beneath her shelter within a gathering of matching species providing the perfect accessories to the English style garden surrounding the character laden adobe. At the rear of the property through one of many fenced paddocks; you clearly hear the symphony of frogs mixed with other creatures and birdlife sustaining the pure unadulterated waters of the nearby creek.

Additional outbuildings, a stable; a delightful artist studio provides an opportunity for one’s imagination to take hold. You see yourself meandering around planning a host of projects, imagining  friends and family sitting under the roof line of the old stable structure; cheerfully chatting, breaking bread; surrendering yourself to the internal creative spirit, constantly talking to you and filling your mind with new ideas and wonder of what could be.

Young and old, friends and neighbours, agents, genuine buyers and folks with curiosity turned out to the auction of 36 Merricks Road Merricks on Saturday afternoon.  All gathered had a sincere fondness for this home.  Not a grand scaled home, not a masterpiece of neoteric construction, but a simple country style manor that made you feel forever welcome.

As the bell rang the crowd fell into a silence of anticipation.  Auctioneer Andrew Hines from Kay & Burton Real Estate Flinders; looked right at home, confident, assured and in control.  A local himself he didn’t have to sell the area, you could feel his excitement and compassion for the retiring owners and the promise for the new inductees.  Through the formalities quickly, an opening bid of $1.2M was received and Andrew looked around shook his head and counted with a vendor bid of $1.7M a good jump, realistic and got the auction moving in a positive direction. 2 bidders entered and battled it out in $5K and the odd $10K rise.  It was quick bidding between the 2 parties, neither looking at the other and most of us were just watching a prize fight with front row tickets.  It didn’t take long before the bidding hit $2M; “we’re on the market” Andrew announced and the pace quickened. $10K rises became the norm and before long Andrew was at $2.3M; A new bidder entered, standing under the shade of the far reaching branches of the old oak tree, an elder gentleman; a big man obscured until now with his partner right by his side, $2.350M a bold bid from the new bidder and one that knocked out one of the early competitors. It was a thoughtfully placed punch, and the second bidder had the staggers.  He wasn’t done; but his legs were wobbling.  $5K more he nodded, straight back came the big man and up she went in $5K lots to the magical $2.4M, the original bidder placed another $5K but you could see this was his last gasp; his head was down, he knew he was gone. Straight back came the big man at $2.410M and it was all over SOLD.

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